Gas giant dwellers, the power of linguistics and more.

Hello, everyone! I was recently interviewed by paranormal investigation author Mawce Hanlin, and since I talk quite a bit about writing Equilibrium, I thought I’d post the link here. I’ve put it up on YouTube for your perusal:

HBO does DC: The Titans

I want to enjoy The Titans, I really do. There is definitely tortured-superhero character development to enjoy—especially in the first season, which when defined as it should have been by Rachel’s deliciously creepy arc, includes the first episode of the second season. Yet the writers keep making one particularly questionable decision over and over. Usually,Continue reading “HBO does DC: The Titans”

Sondheim’s 3 Maxims (and 1 song of mine)

Sondheim has three guiding principles so essential to his philosophy of lyric writing that they are printed over and over on the inside cover of his collection: Less is More Content Dictates Form God is in the Details Since you could easily read what Sondheim has to say about these principles by picking up hisContinue reading “Sondheim’s 3 Maxims (and 1 song of mine)”

Learning To Write Lyrics 2

Lessons from Sondheim I love so many Sondheim shows, and I do think he’s a genius lyricist. I know some people have difficulty with his music (he writes of being incessant told it’s not “hummable”), but I’ve been humming it since my mother taped, with an actual tape, a broadcast recording of the original IntoContinue reading “Learning To Write Lyrics 2”

The OA: Part 2

While The OA did, as I suspected, leave the liminal space of the fantastic and dive headfirst into actual supernatural narrative in Part 2, the show improved so much that the particular tension from an unreliable narrator wasn’t needed. We could still argue about whether the show is original enough to be worth watching forContinue reading “The OA: Part 2”

Learning to write lyrics

I began writing David with only my experience directing school plays, my lifelong passion for musical theater, some books on playwriting, and the lyrics of the hundreds of Broadway songs I carry around in my head. I couldn’t find a book on writing musical theater, and I began to think there weren’t any. So, woeContinue reading “Learning to write lyrics”