Sondheim’s 3 Maxims (and 1 song of mine)

Sondheim has three guiding principles so essential to his philosophy of lyric writing that they are printed over and over on the inside cover of his collection: Less is More Content Dictates Form God is in the Details Since you could easily read what Sondheim has to say about these principles by picking up hisContinue reading “Sondheim’s 3 Maxims (and 1 song of mine)”

Learning To Write Lyrics 2

Lessons from Sondheim I love so many Sondheim shows, and I do think he’s a genius lyricist. I know some people have difficulty with his music (he writes of being incessant told it’s not “hummable”), but I’ve been humming it since my mother taped, with an actual tape, a broadcast recording of the original IntoContinue reading “Learning To Write Lyrics 2”