Gas giant dwellers, the power of linguistics and more.

Hello, everyone! I was recently interviewed by paranormal investigation author Mawce Hanlin, and since I talk quite a bit about writing Equilibrium, I thought I’d post the link here. I’ve put it up on YouTube for your perusal:

Ilona Andrews

Confession time: this pandemic fall and winter, I’ve read 24 Ilona Andrews books. I think it might be how I survived with my sanity intact. Why is this a confession? Well, some of these books were shelved as fantasy or science fiction and some as romance (often different libraries fulfilling my requests shelved books fromContinue reading “Ilona Andrews”

Narrow-Minded Alien Race Needed (+ Evolution)

For my MFA, I’m beginning an adult science fiction novel, working title Equilibrium, that takes place in a galaxy full of alien races. More on the novel later, I’m sure. But right now, what I’m thinking about is that I need one more set of aliens for a small appearance to promote a rigid viewpointContinue reading “Narrow-Minded Alien Race Needed (+ Evolution)”