Gas giant dwellers, the power of linguistics and more.

Hello, everyone! I was recently interviewed by paranormal investigation author Mawce Hanlin, and since I talk quite a bit about writing Equilibrium, I thought I’d post the link here. I’ve put it up on YouTube for your perusal:

Sondheim’s 3 Maxims (and 1 song of mine)

Sondheim has three guiding principles so essential to his philosophy of lyric writing that they are printed over and over on the inside cover of his collection: Less is More Content Dictates Form God is in the Details Since you could easily read what Sondheim has to say about these principles by picking up hisContinue reading “Sondheim’s 3 Maxims (and 1 song of mine)”

Learning To Write Lyrics 2

Lessons from Sondheim I love so many Sondheim shows, and I do think he’s a genius lyricist. I know some people have difficulty with his music (he writes of being incessant told it’s not “hummable”), but I’ve been humming it since my mother taped, with an actual tape, a broadcast recording of the original IntoContinue reading “Learning To Write Lyrics 2”

Learning to write lyrics

I began writing David with only my experience directing school plays, my lifelong passion for musical theater, some books on playwriting, and the lyrics of the hundreds of Broadway songs I carry around in my head. I couldn’t find a book on writing musical theater, and I began to think there weren’t any. So, woeContinue reading “Learning to write lyrics”

Narrow-Minded Alien Race Needed (+ Evolution)

For my MFA, I’m beginning an adult science fiction novel, working title Equilibrium, that takes place in a galaxy full of alien races. More on the novel later, I’m sure. But right now, what I’m thinking about is that I need one more set of aliens for a small appearance to promote a rigid viewpointContinue reading “Narrow-Minded Alien Race Needed (+ Evolution)”