Cyrano: Loved It, But Here’s How It Could Have Been Better

I’ve been a little obsessed with the soundtrack of Cyrano since I saw the movie on a plane last week. All of the reviews I’ve read and have been “love it” or “hate it” – isn’t there a middle ground? I thought the movie was a lovely fantasy of a faraway past, with excellent actingContinue reading “Cyrano: Loved It, But Here’s How It Could Have Been Better”

The Plot Structure of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Status Quo Disease and Me When I was growing up, the only TV show that my entire family watched together was Star Trek: TNG. We expected different things from a TV show in those days. It seemed natural for the characters to always return to the same resting state after each adventure. Of course, onceContinue reading “The Plot Structure of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”

HBO does DC: The Titans

I want to enjoy The Titans, I really do. There is definitely tortured-superhero character development to enjoy—especially in the first season, which when defined as it should have been by Rachel’s deliciously creepy arc, includes the first episode of the second season. Yet the writers keep making one particularly questionable decision over and over. Usually,Continue reading “HBO does DC: The Titans”

The OA: Part 2

While The OA did, as I suspected, leave the liminal space of the fantastic and dive headfirst into actual supernatural narrative in Part 2, the show improved so much that the particular tension from an unreliable narrator wasn’t needed. We could still argue about whether the show is original enough to be worth watching forContinue reading “The OA: Part 2”

The OA: Part 1

Though I didn’t find the first season of this Netflix show as compelling as, say, a great Syfy primetime creation such as Killjoys or Dark Matter, I was interested in a couple of the techniques the writers used to keep me watching (other than the pandemic). First, the two stories–the lives of the present dayContinue reading “The OA: Part 1”