5 Five-Star Books

Some new. Some not so new. All awesome. The Book of Night, Holly Black, 2022 Holly Black and con artists are a great combination. I already knew this from the Curse Workers series–and yet this book still blew me away. I didn’t anticipate any of the twisty plot’s major reveals, or how the original takeContinue reading “5 Five-Star Books”

The Lotus Kingdoms: Mini-Review

Elizabeth Bear can do anything. Space opera? Check. Historical fantasy? Check. Epic fantasy set in a unique world where the sky of each region reflects the spiritual beliefs of the inhabitants? Absolutely. I just finished The Origin of Storms, the book that completes The Lotus Kingdoms trilogy, which is a wonderful read full of adventure,Continue reading “The Lotus Kingdoms: Mini-Review”

You have to read The Books of Babel

The most memorable books I’ve read in the past school year are the first three of Josiah Bancroft’s steampunk Books of Babel, so I’m very excited to have just bought the fourth, although as usual, library books long-requested and already checked out must come first. To begin at the beginning (with Senlin Ascends): a finicky,Continue reading “You have to read The Books of Babel”

3 Reasons to Read The Witcher books even if you’ve seen the show.

I enjoy the Netflix show greatly; it’s wonderful to see Sapkowski’s world come to life. But there are elements of the books that didn’t make it into the show… Sapkowski’s grim humor. Let’s be honest: this is what kept me reading through the whole series. The books were hilarious. Young Jaskier’s attempts at writing; Geralt’sContinue reading “3 Reasons to Read The Witcher books even if you’ve seen the show.”

Ilona Andrews

Confession time: this pandemic fall and winter, I’ve read 24 Ilona Andrews books. I think it might be how I survived with my sanity intact. Why is this a confession? Well, some of these books were shelved as fantasy or science fiction and some as romance (often different libraries fulfilling my requests shelved books fromContinue reading “Ilona Andrews”

Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children Series

I recently managed to borrow Seanan McGuire’s fifth Wayward Children book from the library, just as the sixth volume was released, and library patrons piled on to the waiting list like the pigeons that once mobbed me in the Piazza San Marco. I don’t want to wait! Does first come first served really make senseContinue reading “Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children Series”